Joint issue of both countries in autumn

Austrian Post initiated a global trend in 2019 with the first Crypto stamp. Postal operators worldwide have since tried to enter the crypto world, but Austrian Post has been the only one to successfully implement the technology, as well as bringing on board several generations of followers and an active community. Due to the enormous interest, Austrian Post is now taking the next step and launching an international licensing system including a distribution platform. The underlying technology, the customisable design and the common platform will be sold worldwide.
The first licensee is the Dutch postal service, as announced by Georg Pölzl, CEO of Österreichische Post AG, and Herna Verhagen, CEO of PostNL, at an industry summit of the International Post Corporation (IPC) in Vienna.
“We specialised in the use of blockchain and crypto technology early on, making us an international pioneer. With this licensing, postal operators worldwide can now draw on our expertise. I am convinced that the first Dutch Crypto stamp will become a sought-after collector’s item with Austria’s help”, said Georg Pölzl, CEO of Österreichische Post AG.
“Stamp collecting has been around for a long time”, said Herna Verhagen, CEO of PostNL. “We are proud that we are addressing a new generation of collectors with this Dutch premiere. More and more Dutch people are interested in the world of cryptocurrencies. The Dutch always rank second or third in international purchases when it comes to early purchases of Crypto stamps from Austria”, Verhagen said. “But the broader public is only familiar with the name. With the affordable entry price – the Crypto stamp has a value of EUR 9.05 – we are now making the NFTs accessible to a wider audience. We hope that in this way we can inspire more people to take this special new step in the world of collecting”.
The Austrian-Dutch joint edition of the Crypto stamp 4.0 will be adorned with the same animal. Sales will take place independently in the respective countries and offices but can also be purchased centrally at Further details on the motif and technical innovations will be presented at the sales launch in autumn.
Other postal operators have shown strong interest in licensing the Austrian Crypto stamp, and Austrian Post is already in talks about further cooperation initiatives.
Three years ago, Austrian Post issued the world’s first blockchain stamp and has been continuously developing this new type of stamp ever since:
Crypto stamp 1.0 (2019): Motif: Unicorn; Issue run: 150,000
Crypto stamp 2.0 (2020): Motifs: Honey Badger, Llama, Doge, Panda; Issue run: 60,000 per motif. New feature: Environmentally friendly printing on cardboard.
Golden Unicorn (2020): Motif: Golden Unicorn; Issue run: 1,000. New feature: Incorporated 1 gram of gold bullion from the Austrian Mint.
Crypto stamp 3.0 (2021): Motif: Whale; Issue run: 100,000. New feature: Security elements as with ID documents, authenticity verification and activation via built-in NFC chip.
Crypto stamp 3.1 (2021): Motifs: Cat and Rhino; Issue run: 70,000 per motif.
Golden Doge (2021): Motif: Golden Doge; Issue run: 1,000. Incorporated 1 gram gold bullion from the Austrian Mint, first sale in high-quality premium packaging. 

Every Crypto stamp has a digital twin that is stored in the blockchain. There it is found in the “Wallet”, to which the owner has exclusive access. When the digital version of the stamp is transferred from one wallet to another, the transaction is fully documented in the blockchain – a unique, digital certificate of authenticity.
The digital twin of the blockchain stamp is randomly generated and comes in one of five colours: black, green, blue, yellow and red – with the black edition being the most common and red the rarest.
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On the picture: Austrian Post is now taking the next step and launching an international licensing system for crypto stamps. The first licensee is the Dutch postal service, as announced by Herna Verhagen, CEO of PostNL and Georg Pölzl, CEO of Österreichische Post AG, at an industry summit of the International Post Corporation (IPC) in Vienna.
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